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Bankruptcy Can Hit at the Most Unexpected Times

Do you think you’re the type of person who will never have to file for bankruptcy? Following financial wisdom and smart financial habits is a great practice, but it doesn’t necessarily erase your chances of going bankrupt.

USA Today recently published an interesting story that highlights just how fast bankruptcy can sneak up on even well-intentioned individuals. The story depicts a middle-aged couple who decided to buy an abandoned elementary school to be their home and business space. They bought the huge property for just $189,000 – a price lower than the cost of most small homes. And even after the purchase, they still had a decent savings account leftover. But then the unexpected bills started to hit. City codes that were previously unknown to the couple demanded repairs and installations that cost thousands of dollars – expenses that the couple hadn’t planned on. And then maybe the most devastating part happened: they got their first heating bill and it was a staggering $33,000! This set the couple into a grim future of dealing with the consequences of bankruptcy, including giving up ownership of the schoolhouse property they once had high hopes for. In addition, they now live under a constantly leaking roof because they don’t have money for repair costs.

This story just shows how bankruptcy can come to even the least suspecting people. The couple in the story believed they were making a smart financial decision. They were fairly well-off middle-class people. They were living modestly. They had savings. They had a plan. Most people think of bankruptcy as an unfortunate result of spending money unwisely, using credit cards for wild shopping sprees, or avoiding making payments that have been building up for a long time. But unfortunately, even the financially-conscious can fall prey to bankruptcy sometimes.

If you or a loved one is facing the overwhelming and stressful clutches of bankruptcy, or you think you might be on the verge of needing to declare bankruptcy, remember that you don’t have to fight this battle alone. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer like Stuart M. Nachbar, Esq. can help you understand all the options available to you in your unique situation and can help you navigate the road ahead with your best possible outcome in mind.

Remember that rash decisions are never the best. Even if you feel that bankruptcy is your only hope, you can benefit from legal counsel in knowing exactly when to file and which type of bankruptcy to choose. The Balance states that “as with any legal process, those contemplating filing for bankruptcy should consider the possible positive and negative consequences before taking the plunge.”

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