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Advocating and Assisting Families with Special Needs

No one knows a child better than that child's parents or the day to day caregiver.

Do you feel that your school district is not taking your opinion into account?

Do you want someone to listen to you and someone who will fight to help you achieve your goals for your child?

Your Opinion Matters

You as the parent have the right and opportunity to participate and have your thoughts and beliefs heard and taken seriously. An IEP is supposed to be a collaborative effort between the school district, the teachers, the therapists and THE PARENTS.

If you do not agree with the School District, do you know your rights?

Did you know that you can go to arbitration and/or mediation?

Did you know that the school district must be responsive and give you documentation that they are relying upon prior to any Arbitration or Mediation sessions?

Did you know that you are permitted to have a therapist with you, or any person of your choosing at the IEP meeting, the mediation, and if needed in Court?

Did you know that if you have to file suit before the Office of Administrative Law, and win, the school district has to reimburse your legal costs?

Will the Repeal of No Child Left Behind Effect Your Child with Special Needs?

During the past fifty-eight years, since the landmark decision of Brown vs. Board of Education, the concept of equal education has been in the forefront of the American People. Since that decision, the Federal Government has enacted legislation such as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, Public Law 94-142, Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, a Child's Right to a Free, Appropriate Public Education and of course, No Child Left behind. Even though New Jersey has recently been exempted from No Child Left Behind, what do each of these programs mean for you, or for your family?

How do help my child prepare for the future?

Are you prepared for when your child turns 18 or 21?
How do you help your child transition into the next stage of their life?
Who will be making the decisions for your child?

At the Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar, we can assist you in becoming your child's Guardian in the eyes of the law, so you can be the one to assist and protect your child and their future.