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How to Best Advocate for The Education of Your Special Needs Child

Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar, P.C. March 30, 2021

Isn’t a fulfilling education for their child the dream and desire of every loving parent? Unfortunately, with the unfair circumstances surrounding our educational systems today, achieving this dream isn’t always easy; especially if you have a special needs child.

Despite growing awareness of the customized education plans that special needs children often require, getting an Individualized Education Program (IEP) accepted at their local school is an uphill battle for many parents. But it shouldn’t be. According to KidsHealth, there are often free IEPs available to children with special needs, and parents who understand how to take the necessary initiatives are the best advocates for their child’s successful education. 

However, many children don’t receive the educational assistance they need to achieve their potential. Some common reasons for them missing out include situations where:

  • Parents don’t know that they’re eligible for free help

  • Parents don’t know how to access available resources

  • Parents don’t take advantage of the full scope of available resources and assistance

  • Schools push back on IEP proposals and other special needs education requests

  • Parents don’t reach out for help from an experienced legal team

A clear understanding of available resources is critical for parents of special needs children. According to HelpGuide.org,  schools are required by law to meet demonstrated educational needs with the development of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). What parents need to remember is that the IEP is required by law to deliver some educational benefits, but not necessarily everything that maximizes the student’s achievement. This confusing and often not fully understood standard can be frustrating for parents who want the very best for their child. HelpGuide.org states that “Understanding special education laws and your school’s guidelines for services will help you get the best support for your child at school. Your child may be eligible for many kinds of accommodations and support services, but the school might not provide services unless you ask for them.”

All of this might seem discouraging and confusing. You are probably asking yourself “Why is it so complicated just to get the education that my child needs and deserves?” We have good news for you! Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar has extensive experience fighting for the rights and bright futures of special needs children just like yours! Whether you want help knowing the resources and services legally available to you, or if you need assistance fighting for a change at your child’s school, the Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar, P.C. is here to bring you clarity, personal attention, success, and justice!

Don’t waste time in securing the educational program that sets your child up for success! We’re here to do what’s best for your family, so contact us online today or call us to get started.