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The Dangers of Improperly Filing for Bankruptcy

Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar, P.C. March 30, 2021

Whether you’re considering filing for bankruptcy for yourself or your business, experts suggest talking to a legal professional first. According to The Bankruptcy Site, an attorney’s help is highly recommended if you want to avoid dangerous mistakes in the filing process. Making errors while filing for bankruptcy results in way more than just inconvenience – but can cause serious long-term repercussions. What are the problems your mistakes can cause?  We’ve gathered some of the top reasons to properly file for bankruptcy based on our experience and insight from our peers.

Improper Filing Can Cause Case Dismissal

Many people don’t know that making mistakes in bankruptcy paperwork can actually cause their case to be entirely dismissed. To avoid this, experienced bankruptcy lawyers carefully consider every aspect of your case and make sure those details are documented properly.

Improper Filing Can Impact Your Ability to File for Bankruptcy in the Future

Sometimes, there isn’t a second chance! Mistakes in the bankruptcy filing process can seriously damage or negate your ability to apply for bankruptcy again in the future. Be smart with your opportunities, let a skilled bankruptcy lawyer help you set the course for the most stress-free future possible.

Improper Filing Can Make You Lose Certain Protections Offered by the Law

Within the bankruptcy system, the law outlines certain protections available to individuals and businesses who file for bankruptcy properly. Bankruptcy laws are intended to help get you back on your feet financially, which means offering you certain levels of support and protection for your rights, property, and opportunities. However, these protections only apply to cases that have been filed and documented properly according to the requirements of the law. Failing to comply – whether intentional or unintentional – has some serious and unpleasant consequences. Don’t give up your legal rights and your best chances at financial recovery because of negligence or an honest mistake!

Improper Filing Means that Certain Debts May Not Be Discharged

Did you know? Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t just mean that all your debts will be discharged, especially if you don’t file properly. Which debts will be discharged is something that judges determine after reviewing the eligibility of your case. Let a caring and experienced bankruptcy lawyer help you provide the courts with what they are looking for. Because, why risk it?

Improper Filing Can Result in Fines or Prison Time

According to My Horizon Today, many people filing for bankruptcy risk serious fines or prison time due to mistakes in their paperwork – even if the flaw isn’t intentional.

So, whether you’re deciding if bankruptcy is right for you, or what kind of bankruptcy to file for, or you want help filing paperwork and documenting your case to avoid pitfalls down the road, Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar is here to help. Contact online today or call to get started on a successful case.

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